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We are easy to find... our building is hard to miss! Centrally located in Middle Musquodoboit in the heart of the Musquodoboit Valley, you could spend some time with us, take in a theatre event and check out a few historic sites such as the Icelandic Settlement of Markland and nearby,_Nova_Scotia

The facility provides meeting rooms for rent or the main floor can be rented for a banquet or reception. The theatre on the 3rd floor is also available for private rental.

To reserve tickets for an upcoming show or speak to our Office Manager or reach a member of our Board of Directors, please call the Box Office and leave a message. Someone will get back to you.


Tel: (902) 384-2819

Fax: (902) 384-2567



12390 Highway 224  PO Box 32

Middle Musquodoboit, NS    B0N 1X0       

Board of Directors 2016-2017:



            Marketing , Promotions, & Communications
            Entertainment & Special Events

Staff and Vonlunteers:

           Caretaker/Rentals/ Office Manager: Elizabeth Harrison (Staff)

            Head Technical Liaison: Norman Arsenault

            Lighting Technician: Wade Lively
            Sound Technician: Mike Miller & Jim Warburton

            Bar Manager: Wanda Bellefontaine
Canteen Manager: Mark Bonin
Bingo Manager: Chrissy Pye

To Everyone: Thank You!!

Special thanks go out to the liaison staff of HRM and to all of the volunteers who have helped to make our Theatre such an important part of the community for generations past and, we hope, long into the future; and to the many who have generously given of their time, talents and money.

Join the Board of Directors

The Bicentennial Theatre Board of Directors is a volunteer board that manages the Theatre as a non-profit organization, including the day-to-day operations of the Theatre and fundraising events to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the building. We welcome your participation. Anyone interested in volunteering as a board member is invited to contact a current member (below) or call the Theatre Office.

Consider volunteering today!

Volunteer for a Committee

Every production has a committee of volunteers diligently working to bring the show to you. Committee chairs welcome volunteers who are willing to lend a helping hand as ushers, ticket sellers, community coordinators of shows and events, bar and canteen workers, meal preppers, poster distributors, maintenance helpers, etc. If you're interested in helping out with fundraising events or becoming part of a committee, please contact the Theatre Office or a member of the Board of Directors.

Bring Your Ideas to a Board Meeting

Did you know that everyone in the local community is a member of the Musquodoboit Valley Bicentennial Theatre & Cultural Centre? As a member, you have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. If you have ideas you want to share, plan to attend our next Board meeting (3rd Tuesday of every month). Just call or email the Theatre Office and ask to be added to the meeting agenda to present your ideas or forward your ideas to


Before the curtain goes up...
Before the first note or opening line...
It takes an army of behind-the-scenes volunteers
To make things happen... on time and on budget!

The Musquodoboit Valley Bicentennial Theatre and Cultural Centre has the distinction of being the only multi-purpose facility in Nova Scotia without paid management. Since 1985, volunteers, committed to promoting the performing arts, have ensured the facility meets the entertainment and cultural needs of the district it serves. Hundreds of people have helped, in some capacity, at this community centre over the past 25 years.

Year round, a 12-member board of directors recruits volunteers from the area and offers opportunities to participate in varied activities involved with the theatre’s events. The expression, many hands make little work, is exemplified at the Bicentennial. Youth work alongside more experienced volunteers and consequently learn new skills they can apply to other areas of their life.

“I'm so glad I volunteered at the Bicentennial as a teenager-- the one-of-a-kind experiences and learning opportunities I had there have helped me throughout my life, and I still love theatre!”
- Julie Taylor, Halifax

Many people believe they don’t have time to volunteer. But, some theatre duties don’t even require folks to leave the comfort of their own home! Other tasks may only need as little as an hour of your time. The theatre can always match a volunteer with the time they have available.

Our community theatre could not exist without your past, present, and continued support. We hope that your enjoyment of our productions has been, and will continue to be, repayment of your faith and support of the Bicentennial Theatre.

How you can get involved and show your support?

Volunteering at the Bicentennial provides people the opportunity to meet neighbours and make new friends. We are a volunteer organization so if you feel the urge to "get out and do something", there are a number of ways you can show your support for YOUR community theatre and have a bunch of fun in the process!

Share your knowledge

In preparation for locally produced theatre events, often  sewers, carpenters, designers and countless other skills are needed. A volunteer can offer to be a resource of information or actually have hands-on involvement. Audition or volunteer to be part of a play, or perhaps you'd like to lend a hand with costume sewing or design, set decoration, lighting, props, or sound.

In-Kind Donations

Perhaps you have a product or service that is needed in a theatre production. Donations of costumes, jewellery and antique furniture or props are always appreciated. Maybe you have the means to offer financial support by making a cash donation.

Become a Patron

The Musquodoboit Valley Bicentennial Theatre is embarking on the development of a sponsored giving program. Sponsors agree to two or more years of financial support. We have designated "rungs" of giving, with benefits attached to each.

These rungs are as follows:

    Friend of the Theatre: $50 to $99 
    Supporter of theTheatre: $100 to $299
    Bronze Sponsor: $300 to $399
    Silver Level: $400 to $499
    Gold Level: $500 and up
    Interested in the program? Contact the Theatre Office for more information.

Planned Giving

The Bicentennial Theatre is always appreciative of 'In Memoriam' gifts and bequests from wills and estates. Please contact the Theatre Office for details.