DATE: September 6, 2017
TIME: 7:00 pm
Breeze and Wilson September 6, 2017

April 2007, a guy called Jim Hahnen from Nova Scotia searched the net for a song. It had the name “Harriet” in it so he searched for “Harriet’s Song”. He found our new song called Harriet’s Song.
Although not the song he was looking for, Jim loved the song, and asked if there were more. We posted our CDs to him. He passed copies to Weekend Morning radio show. Never having heard of us, Stan Carew, also liked the song and played Harriet’s Song. There followed a flood of requests from his listeners for our CDs. Also were offers for concerts, venues and accommodation. We wrote and recorded a song thanking the folk of the Maritimes for being so supportive to us (Oh Nova Scotia) and then sent the song to Stan. Stan liked this song too, and played it. Then Stan suggested we go over to Canada to do a few concerts. July 2007, we did two fantastic sold-out nights at The Music Room, Halifax. In October 2007, Stan visited us in the UK and we did three gigs playing together. The last gig ended in a wondrous evening with guest, Harriet Bartlett (of the song Harriet’s Song), joining us with her fantastic accordion playing. A wonderful Atlantic Canadian tour followed in the summer of 2008, and brought Breeze & Wilson and Stan Carew into duo and trio performances. The highlight of our tour was a weekend at STANFEST.
We have now been over to Canada each year to do our tours, and we have spread our concerts across the breadth of the region, recording joint CDs with Stan.
Breeze & Wilson CDs are available at each gig we play.

A supper of ham, salad, and blueberry shortcake will be served from 4:30-6:30, tickets purchased by Sept 3.

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